Text to Image AI is not perfect, but good enough to put people out of work

Started by Legend, May 26, 2022, 04:46 AM

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Google also just announced a competing system that's better in some ways and worse in others, but google isn't releasing it to the public.

The images often have a clear AI look but they're still good enough.

Logo designers? The cheap ones are out of work.

Commissioned artists for restaurants? No need for a local artist, just print this on your wall.

Quirky photographers? Ok this isn't really a job but still.

Clipart people? Idk, but it comes from somewhere.

Stock photography? Like this one is really dead.

Mobile game artists?

Lofi artists? I see this art all the time with lofi.

Video game concept artists? Super easy way to get a feel for an area.

Magazine artists? Google's version handles text just fine.

Fan fiction? No more commissioned art work.

Background art for games/movies? Much easier to use this instead of making sure you have a license, cough Uncharted 4.

(all of these from Dr_Singularity (u/Dr_Singularity) - Reddit )

Basically any art that is pumped out for quantity instead of quality is now better served by AI. Even incredibly good artists will have to compete with customers having a free but potentially "good enough" alternative.

It's actually scary. I think most people think about truck drivers and burger flippers with AI, but this came out of nowhere.


to be honest, that's pretty cool. 

and as far as jobs go I remember a developer blog for horizon zd that was exactly this.   cheap automatically generated "filler" assets so the people could focus on the important stuff. 

not sure this will really "put someone out of a job" because right now this is a thing no one is really doing.  this is gap in what we can do these days. 


second thought,...  i wonder if this can be used to generate bad stuff.

"emma watson and anya taylor joy kissing while naked in a pink lacey bed"


The future I dream of.


The future I dream of.
Shouldn't be too many years till it can do video.

I could see it being a great tool for shows. Human writes the whole thing but AI draws it.


I can definitely see using this to start generating ideas and concepts for my own games.  Given you can get a good enough prompt for what you want.


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Amazing imo, even with the old version of the software. Really shows that it has a good understanding of situations it was definitely never trained on.