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Started by the-pi-guy, May 16, 2022, 02:39 PM

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Seems I must have missed something/messed something up in ME2, so my choices didn't matter.


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It is done. 

Mixed feelings.

Spoiler for Hidden:
<br><br>The game has some very heavy choices, and it&#39;s interesting from a writing and gameplay standpoint. But it&#39;s not a very satisfying experience. <br><br>Like if you have ever watched a movie and you kind of cringe from the main character making a bad choice that brings about bad consequences, this game is like the embodiment of that feeling. <br><br>On the one hand, it&#39;s an amazing experience. On the other hand, it puts me off from wanting to ever play again. <br>

Whatever. One can say I have boring taste in endings.

So I'll say it:
Mass Effect is my favorite trilogy of the PS3 era. Definitely tops Uncharted for me:
Mass Effect 1 is better than Uncharted 1.
But Uncharted 2 is better than ME2 (But it's darn close).
Mass Effect 3 is better than Uncharted 3.
Overall, would still agree with this quality wise.  Mostly because I didn't love Uncharted 3 I guess.

But I think I find Uncharted to be a more satisfying experience.


I finished Mass Effect 1. For some reason I expected it to be more unique like a raw first draft, but instead it slots into the trilogy just fine.

Didn't romance anyone in the game and overall it felt like there weren't any real choices.

Reminded me how much I liked Mass Effect Andromeda. It's a real shame that game launched in such a poor state because it was dope at times. Had a much improved car.


Andromeda is so underrated. It's missing some of the charm and amazing story of the trilogy but it's a really great game still


I wouldnt call andromeda great. But its a good game. I enjoyed it. The gameplay in andromeda is easily the best of the series however  

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