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Started by the-pi-guy, Dec 17, 2021, 09:27 PM

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I just liked having 1v1 fights against other people in bloodbrone. Id love a MP game/mode with similar gameplay and its a 4v4 or a 6v6 with objectives in the map.



Could also be like the haunted mansion stretching room. You only think you're moving.
I really don't understand the appeal of online for Souls games.  

Getting invaded is annoying.

There are notes that are sometimes helpful, but most of the time they suck. A huge chunk of them are memes, some of them are flat out bad for the player. (Like saying there's a secret path by jumping off a bridge.  I got wrecked because a there were like 6 notes saying a torch was required in a certain area. It ends up making an otherwise friendly NPC start attacking you and you miss out on a trophy because of it. Yay. )

Death stranding was great. Every other single player+online game I just play offline.



dark souls is easy on your second playthrough. 

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