"Collecting Dust" is a strange idiom for gaming

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Started by kitler53, Jun 22, 2022, 04:00 PM

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I hear this often, "my pc/nintendo/xbox/playstation has been collecting dust" as a way to say it has no games.  I find this strange.  I use my ps5 literally every day i'm in my home.  sometime, thanks to remote play, i even use my ps5 when i'm not in my home.   it gets a lot of use.  however, i can assure you my ps5 still collects a lot of dust.  I have dust allergies so i'm pretty sensitive to the need to clean it frequently to keep the dust levels low.  i literally just dusted my ps5 a few minutes ago despite having watched 2 episodes of deep space nine last night and played a bit of humans fall flat over my lunch hour.  

this idiom needs to be retired with respect to gaming.
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