Vector rocket company reportedly bankrupt

Started by Legend, Aug 10, 2019, 05:09 AM

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Vector looked cool, but this might be the house of cards collapsing. Smallsat launchers jumped out as the next big thing yet Rocket Lab might be the only healthy one.

Rocket Lab currently flying and ok.

Stratolaunch closed.
Vector probably closed.
Virgin Orbit iffy.
Firefly Aerospace maybe ok.


Another company gone  :'(

Masten Space Systems files for bankruptcy - SpaceNews

Astra is also months away from bankruptcy. They're trying a hail Mary and have abandoned their current rocket.

Bothe Firefly and Relativity should have launches in the coming months. Firefly had an engine failure last time and is hoping to reach orbit on their second launch. Relativity has a lot of money and a lot of ambition but they have yet to do anything. They seem to be 90% hype atm.


in this economy loads of bankruptcies will occur. 


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in this economy loads of bankruptcies will occur.
Yup. Combine that with starship coming online and 2023/2024 will be a very bloody year for smallsat launchers. The industry loves redundancy though so it's hard to predict where the cutoff is. Here's a ranked list imo of the major players.

Rocket lab is doing great: List of Electron launches - Wikipedia

Virgin Orbit seems solid, but they are still pretty new: LauncherOne - Wikipedia

Relativity might be more bark than bite but they've convinced a lot of groups to sign launch contracts: Terran 1 - Wikipedia

Firefly had issues with Ukraine ownership yet still has a few launch contracts: Firefly Alpha - Wikipedia

ABL is virtually unknown but they have hardware ready for their first launch: ABL Space Systems - Wikipedia

Astra is actively dying but if they can stop blowing up rockets, they have a somewhat healthy manifest: List of Astra rocket launches - Wikipedia