Things That Piss Me Off

Started by kitler53, May 28, 2021, 12:33 PM

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we can make this a reoccuring thread if you want.   i just feel that need to rant about one thing that really pisses me off.  feel free to share your

Something that pisses me off: BoTW getting credit for inventing shame that it didn't invent and everyone other game being demeaned for "copying"

what prompted this anger today.  this:

It's funny that the glider from BOTW has been copied the most. I'm really looking forward to it and the grapple hook. Hopefully you can release early and launch yourself a bit.

I also am really interested in the scanner for climb points. Is this just a way to break up the visual monotony of guano covered ledges or is there something else to it?
FFS,.. BoTW is not the first game to have a glider gameplay mechanic.

sly cooper was the one that came to my mind the fastest:

a quick google search found this article with even more examples

hell,...   BoTW isn't even the first ZELDA game to have this mechanic

just because nintendo puts out a good game doesn't fudgy mean the invented the genre/gameplay and every other game in the industry isn't always fudgy copying nintendo.   ffs people...


The question is, would have Horizon 2 had a glider if BoTW didn't have it?

Id say most likely yes, there was a glider in farcry 4 for example, and as you mentioned it in a lot of other games, fortnite being one as well. I think they just wanted a traversal mechanism and a glider fit their needs



Botw didn't invent it. Botw just popularized this use of it.

My point in my post though was that lots of people expected botw to change everything going forward and yet most of it was ignored. As Banana said this could have been the plan even without botw.

Lol the thing that I find funny with botw is people thinking it's hard to copy. Like free climbing. It actually saves time if you do it the botw way, and the only non botw clone to "copy" it was Conan Exiles as far as I know. Assassin's Creed has their own style of free climbing that is harder to develop.


Assassins creed free climb is absolutely top notch. But at the end of the day its a design choice.

In the first horizon GG wanted to limit where players can go due to multiple reasons.  I imagine this is the same and they have this system.