Twisty Puzzle Simulator OT: piece by piece

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Started by Legend, Oct 23, 2018, 03:57 PM

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Hey Mike, this game has really caught my interest, and i have a few questions. before that, though, i've been addicted to loking up videos of random cubes. always liked them as a kid, but never the brain power to solve one.

first question, could you upload a bit of gameplay?  the trailer shows it, but it'd be nice to see some normal gameplay.
Welcome to the forum!

My solves can be frustrating to watch but here is some footage from the press kit.

I'll also be uploading some VR gameplay soon.

second, have you test out each individual trophy to see it pops properly? i usually go for all trophies on a game, and im a bit fed up recently with lots of bugged trophies in games.

All the trophies have been tested multiple times and are working properly.

finally, will this be a tough game to solve all puzzles on? i am looking for a solid challenge.

thanks for your time.
Getting the platinum will be hard, and solving all the secret puzzles will be very very hard.