Watch_Dogs’ Director Clarifies Next-Gen Exclusive Features

Started by Raven, May 03, 2014, 10:00 PM

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Watch_Dogs' Director Clarifies Next-Gen Exclusive Features, Xbox 360 Installation and More

Watch_Dogs is just a little more than three weeks away, and the game's Creative Director Jonathan Morin still seems to have a lot of questions to answer, and he did so recently on Twitter.

First of all, he explained that seamless online invasion and tailing will be available on every platform "releasing soon," which he clarified to be PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360. He also mentioned that the only two next-generation exclusive (including PC)  features are data decryption and the bonus free roam online options.

The wording about "platforms releasing soon" is a bit strange, and could arguably indicate that the feature might not be on Wii U. I asked Morin himself and sent a request for a clarification to Ubisoft, and will update if I receive any further information. Don't take it as confirmation for now, because it could be simply vague wording.

Moving on, Morin clarified the exact installation requirements for the Xbox 360 version, which will come in two disks. As we already knew you'll need to install the first disk, and the installation size will be 7.5 gigabytes. If you don't have a hard disk or don't have enough space, you'll need a 8 GB (or more) USB key with a data transfer speed superior to 15 mb/s.

We also learn that the now iconic blackout hack is a "crafted" consumable. You'll lose one each time, but you'll be able to remake it.

Finally, Morin explained why there's no way to manually set the weather in the game. Watch_Dogs has always been about dynamism, so it did not seem a priority to add features that didn't support that idea, and ultimately the team had to stop somewhere.


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hmm craftables seems interesting... I can't wait for this game... guess I'll use up my FFXIV sub until then :-/
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