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Started by Legend, Dec 21, 2020, 03:29 PM

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Well not really. Tolkien basically invented artistic language creation. He's the closest thing there is to a "father of conlanging."
Kind of depends on what you/Xev mean.

Xev could argue that LotR is a lot more than just language in a book.  It also has a large amount of history and culture that is backed by Catholicism Creationism, and it has stories taking place in that world.

Or you could argue that LotR's history and culture itself existed because of Tolkien's languages. (Which he has said himself).  "The elvish languages evolved this way because these groups split up".

It is absolutely true that LotR exists because of language, but at the same time that can feel like a diminutive view that LotR is a collection of conlangs, that had a book written around it.