Will we see a Naughty Dog game announced this year?

Started by the-pi-guy, Jul 23, 2020, 08:18 PM

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2011, Sony surprise announced The Last of Us, just a few months after Uncharted 3.  
2013, Sony surprise announced Uncharted 4, just a few months after The Last of Us.  (Way too early)
2016, The Last of Us Part 2 was announced, following Uncharted 4.  (Again, way too early)

So it seems likely we will see something from ND this year.




the multiplayer that was spun off of TLoU2 will be announced.   since development started along side TLoU2 with the intent to ship with TLoU2 then it must be at least far enough along to announce it this year.


Yeah its just gonna be TLOU2 multiplayer standalone game.