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Started by Legend, Mar 12, 2018, 11:09 PM

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Mar 12, 2018, 11:09 PM Last Edit: Nov 14, 2018, 06:36 AM by Legend
Cube Royale is a fighting/shooting game. You should be hyped! Play as a robotic cube and destroy other cubes by shooting lightning.

It's basically super smash bros but instead of having interesting characters, you play as a cube. And it's 3D.

Cubes can attack using four different weapon modes, and each shot can be charged into a heavy attack.


Shoots a concentrated blast of lightning directly forward.


The only weapon that fires continuously for a short duration. Shoots lightning bolts in rapid fire.


Shoots a condensed ball of energy that explodes into a blast of lightning when detonated.


Places a small packet of energy on the opposite wall and shoots a lightning bolt back towards the player.


Cubes can bring up directional shields at a moments notice. Players can sacrifice shield quality to defend from more directions.


Cubes have thrusters capable of short bursts. This allows them to double-jump, triple-jump, and even infinite-jump if executed correctly. Most importantly, cubes have thrusters on their sides allowing them to redirect their velocity with every jump. With a ping-pong like pattern, cubes can build up immense speed and move at 100s of miles per hour.


Present in every map and the source of all energy.


Even though Cube Royale is technically a first-person shooting game, it's wrong to think of it as part of the FPS genre. The cubes have advanced targeting systems and can lock onto enemies with near-perfect accuracy and aiming is done with this system. In some situations it's beneficial to shoot without being locked-on but this is not the standard method of play.


Every level has cube dispensers ready and waiting for your death. Assume command of a new body and go straight back into the fight, or preview the scene and sneak up on nearby enemies. Until you move your new body, it looks exactly like an unused cube.


A map that lets players focus on the raw game mechanics. Void is a large empty playground.

Yes this is the game's official thread! AKA a replacement of the old VizionEck thread. I'll spend some time improving it.