Scientists find unexpected animal life far beneath Antarctica’s floating ice shelves

Started by kitler53, Feb 15, 2021, 10:04 PM

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posting because when i read it i thought of legend.

"Life finds a way," the actor Jeff Goldblum playing scientist Ian Malcolm declared in the 1993 movie "Jurassic Park."

Animal life was not what scientists were expecting to find in the pitch-black seawater beneath almost half a mile of floating Antarctic ice, but it seems to have found a way with the discovery of sea creatures living in the extreme environment.

Geologists taking sediment cores from the seafloor beneath the giant Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf on the southern edge of Antarctica's Weddell Sea discovered what biologists believe are types of sponge. The finding was published Monday in Frontiers in Marine Science.

The geologists were more than 150 miles from the open ocean when they bored a hole through the 3,000-foot-thick ice with a hot-water drill and lowered a coring device and a video camera into the dark seawater below it.

They had expected the seafloor to be mud, but were dismayed when they hit a boulder, which meant they couldn't get the intended sediment samples. But to their surprise, the camera showed colonies of "stationary" animals attached to the rock - probably sponges and related sea creatures.



Yeah I read about it earlier.

I love this stuff. Life is amazing.