Replay GoW or Not?

Started by kitler53, Sep 16, 2022, 08:08 PM

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Replay GoW?


With GoW Ragnarök just a bit out from release are any of us replaying the first game first?

- the game is great
- remind myself of the story
- after playing the sequel this game will likely not be as fun to replay later

- playing them back-to-back may make playing the sequel feel tiring
- my backlog is huuge.
- honestly,.. i probably can't finish the game by nov. 9th.


Definitely on my plan to replay the game.

I have about a month and a half to finish some of the games I am in.

On the "sequel being tiring thing", I am built different. So I can't advise there.
I've been playing Dark Souls related games almost exclusively for the past 10 months. Which I don't think most people would like.


i typically go out of my way to pick a game in a different genre when picking a new game out of my backlog.  not that "every shooter is the same" but like... every shooter has more in common with other shooters than it does with puzzle games.   if i replay the same genre back-to-back i often times find the 2nd game a bit tiring.

...doesn't help that it often takes me 2-6 months to play a game.


For me no. I could do with a story recap though


Xev is replaying GoW, which is notable in that he basically never replays games.

And he says if it came out this year, it would definitely be his Game of the year. (And he loved Elden Ring to bits).

It's getting me more hyped for Ragnarok, remembering how good the game is.