Hapax OT: Magnificent Desolation

Started by Legend, Dec 21, 2020, 03:29 PM

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I spent the past week mostly doing world building, and I'll probably spend next week doing the same. The ship is absolutely massive and I need a lot more things to fill it.

Sure is difficult working with realistic aliens. A few years ago I went on a binge watching lots of classic alien movies and so few even try to do something cool. Most just go completely random/weird or stylize regular human stuff.

My favorite concepts come from Alien:
Horror And Sci-Fi: Alien (1979), A Review - Movie & TV Reviews, Celebrity  News | Dead Talk News
H. R. Giger had an incredible iconic style and the environments have just enough self consistency and logic to really feel believable during the movie.

Doesn't work as well when your brain has time to look for details. Outside of the tense pacing of the movie it's more obvious it's just a set with random greebling.

Alien (1979) - IMDb

The alien itself is even cooler. Just a person in a suit yet that head makes it near perfect. No obvious eyes yet a very obvious mouth. Makes it unsettling since humans are so good at finding faces.

No science went in to its design yet it's still one of the most realistic aliens out there. Not too humanoid, yet not too random. Birth cycle makes no sense but it's very alien which is cool.

Arrival's designs are ok:
Arrival' Production Designer Explains the Film's Most Stunning Effects

It's just a boring empty room, but I do like the texture. Kinda stealing that for Hapax  :P

(actually I was more inspired by The Last Guardian's environments)

How depictions of aliens have evolved | CNN

Not the biggest fans of the aliens either. I'll praise them since so many other movie aliens are actively bad, but I dislike how monotonous their designs are. Concept art is a bit more interesting so maybe it's just the fog hiding all the details.

The fog is a cool touch. Most movies just handwave alien atmosphere needs.

Lastly I'll mention Avatar:
Pin on Pics that just plain interest me...

It's just blue cat humans in a tree. Really uninteresting outside of a few language/culture things, but I couldn't talk about movie aliens and not mention them.

TLDR: knowledge of alien movies isn't that helpful when designing alien ships.


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I had to work on other stuff so I didn't make too much progress with rooms this week.

All this type of work is pretty slow even on good days. The main point of the game is exploring and learning more about the ship so I really need to avoid mistakes and boring stuff. My standard strategy is to explore a concept three levels deep and only put one level in the game. That way the player can discover the second layer on their own and still feel like they're only scratching the surface.

It's the same type of thing they did in The Witness, although I don't know a single person that stopped to analysis this stuff in The Witness. Hapax trains players to look for this stuff.

Figure 6: Three fictional civilizations (Fletcher Studio, 2011)

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