Weekly Update #403

Started by The Machine, Nov 17, 2023, 06:00 PM

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The Machine


It's Friday! Here are the top ten topics from the past week that you most likely didn't see.

Deliver Us Mars will be free forever if claimed in Epic store next week
Views: 14

America is getting our pandas back, yay!
Views: 15

Apple to adopt RCS standard next year
Views: 16

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League |OT| this isn't what I asked for
Views: 27

NICE!, Nasa pauses Mars sample return mission
Views: 30

Razbuten video-Difficulty in games is Weird
Views: 38

What makes an indie game?
Views: 42

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora |OT| Why isn't Legend making this?
Views: 46

So tell me about Iceland.
Views: 58

Weekly Update #402
Views: 60

The top poster of the past week was Legend with 50 posts. This has earned them a ticket in the monthly raffle. the-Pi-guy was second with 48 posts and kitler53 was third with 15 posts.

The top thread starter of the past week was also Legend with 4 topics. This has earned them an additional ticket in the monthly raffle.

the-Pi-guy received the most likes this week (23), and Legend liked the most things this week (32). They both get a ticket in the monthly raffle.

I'll be back next week with with another thread.
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