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Game News Discussion / Re: Embracer |OT|
Last post by Legend - Today at 06:14 PM
Didn't pay attention to that game but it has good steam reviews.
Off-Topic Community / Re: What minor thing grinds yo...
Last post by Legend - Today at 06:11 PM
Anabolic steroids and how young people think it's harmless
Glad I have no idea what you're talking about. Young people are juicing up and thinking it's harmless?
Off-Topic Community / Re: General Discussion Thread
Last post by Legend - Today at 06:05 PM
Past two days I've woke up thinking I have covid for sure (I'm feeling more and more sick and I'm helping take care of people with covid) yet I keep testing negative.

Maybe I have the flu, maybe it's just stress, or maybe I'm magic and covid tests don't work on me.  :P
i dunno about that BTS video specifically but i can't imagine it got uploaded multiple times like the GTA 6 trailer did.

as of this moment:

Official upload by rockstar: //
76 million

GameSpot: //
13 million

IGN: //
2.8 million

...and these aren't reaction videos.  just lazy reposts.  >90 million as far as i'm concerned with most of a day to go.

Finished the video.


I hardly ever watch videos like this.  

The James Somerton stuff takes up about half the video. Absolutely insane. Like minutes and minutes of barely changed dialogue that was ripped from other people.
Will beat it easy. 32 million in 4 hours
8 hours to go and needs another 30m. Going to be close but I think it'll get going again now when Americans have woken up and Europeans stopped working
Anabolic steroids and how young people think it's harmless

There was a leak, and then Rockstar launched their video 40 minutes later; because of the leak.  
fudge leakers.

I'll watch it in my work break then I guess.
Dumb appliance designs.

Obviously pretty much every dryer has a lint filter that is easily removable.

Lint sometimes gets underneath the filter. And it can be absurdly difficult to remove that fire hazard. For some reason you have to disassemble a large chunk of the dryer in order to get more access to the thing that is right in the front.  
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