Hapax OT: oh my God it's full of stars

Started by Legend, Dec 21, 2020, 03:29 PM

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I have struggled for months with my environments. As a lone dev I don't have the manpower to do things the traditional way but I still need near photorealistic results. Outside of a few test rooms, everything has been in graybox.

Finally think I've solved it. I'm building "smart" materials that can be applied within Unity per triangle. Each material is a procedural system that can then adapt to the geometry of the surface and place 3D objects as needed. For example if used inside a modern house, it would automatically add paint, molding, wall outlets, light switches, and pictures. Every element can be customized by hand as needed.

I can then add more dynamic "clutter" by hand the traditional way.


This new device is part of my gameplay rework. It takes over a few major functions from the previously shown hexagonal device, which helps simplify the player experience.

One of these days I'll tackle environmental graphics and UI but not today!

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