Unity plan pricing and packaging updates

Started by the-pi-guy, Sep 12, 2023, 02:39 PM

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Will cap at 4% of a game's revenue.

Good solution and one I expected, but meaningless unless they change the other far bigger issues with this approach.

edt: will also have devs submit their own install numbers. Great improvement their too. I really just need them to make the tos ironclad that they'll never be able to change fees or mess with anything else unless devs voluntarily upgrade to newer versions of the engine.



wow, that's a lot of money to throw at them.
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Great. Just need to see the fine print though since last time it was the fine print that turned it from great to horrible.

No fee for Unity Personal devs, no splashscreen for Unity Personal.
No fee if you stay on current versions of the engine and no fee for already released games.
Fee is capped at 2.5% of the game's revenue, and devs self report all numbers.


Fine print so far looks great. Just need something ironclad about the terms of service not being changeable since they literally already said they weren't changeable in 2019.

Fee per install has been switched to a fee per distinct unique engagement, aka for a premium game it's identical to sales minus refunds.

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