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Gaming Community / Re: How long before AI makes m...
Last post by Legend - Today at 05:00 AM
Reddit - Dive into anything

Only 19 seconds long yet this needs an oscar.
Game News Discussion / Re: Axios: 11 members of Congr...
Last post by kitler53 - Yesterday at 11:33 PM
oh FU MS.  
Game News Discussion / Re: Axios: 11 members of Congr...
Last post by the-pi-guy - Yesterday at 10:37 PM
Most of them are Congress people from Washington state...  

While Microsoft isn't saying just how involved it was in orchestrating this push, its government affairs team has discussed these issues with members of Congress, Axios understands.
Game News Discussion / Re: Axios: 11 members of Congr...
Last post by Legend - Yesterday at 09:58 PM
Lol what the heck
Game News Discussion / Axios: 11 members of Congress ...
Last post by the-pi-guy - Yesterday at 09:50 PM

The Republican letter alleges that Sony PlayStation has 98% of the "high-end console market in Japan," signs deals designed to keep hit Japanese games from Microsoft's Xbox, and says such moves "may violate Japan's antitrust laws."
Off-Topic News Discussion / Re: Framework Laptops are cool...
Last post by Legend - Yesterday at 08:21 PM
Pretty cool. I'm needing to get a new laptop one of these years. Upgrading part by part would be nice.
Gaming Community / Re: PlayStation Studios Develo...
Last post by Legend - Yesterday at 06:40 PM
Guerrilla's decima engine is really good at procedural as well. It's excellent at building large diverse lands and probably a reason why Horizon development has less people than other games.
Most open world engines are pretty good nowadays at procedural stuff, but decima is the only one I know of that does real time procedural generation on the gpu while you play. It's a pretty great system.
Gaming Community / Re: All the Summer 2023 Game S...
Last post by Legend - Yesterday at 06:06 PM
E3 is as dead as it can get  :P

Excited to see Beyond Good and Evil 2 again!  :P
Gaming Community / Re: All the Summer Game Shows
Last post by the-pi-guy - Yesterday at 06:02 PM
Gaming Community / Re: Recommend Me Some Games.
Last post by kitler53 - Yesterday at 05:21 PM
I share those sentiments, but there's a covenience on playing with a handheld.  I don't have the time I used to to play, but I end up putting off games cause I want to play them on the big screen with my audio systems, etc.  I'll be like "I want to play xyz, but I have to go downstairs and setup." vs "Time to take out my GBA while I'm on the bus and play Final Fantasy".  I played FF 1-6 all on the bus/subway to university on my GBA/DS.  I wouldn't have played them otherwise.  So the point I was trying to make was; if you think you'll have more time playing something on the ride to work, then I say its worth playing it like that than waiting to setup on the big screen.
i'll have ~2x 30 min gaming sessions per day on my commute.   my point to point commute is 1 hour but only 30 minutes is on the train and the rest is walking.  that's another reason that games on my steamdeck won't be great with big epic story driven games.   i need to get in and get out of the game quite quickly.   pick-up and play is going to be best for me.

but sure,.. i'll probably play a bigger game or 2 along the way.  i bought valkaryia chronicles 1 and 2 simply because i love the games but also i wasn't really getting to them on playstation.  steam deck does have the ability to suspend a game (a detail i didn't even think to ask myself before buying) so it is possible to play a bigger game and quickly put it on hold.   

but most of my time will still be on my playstation.   i don't always game (i like tv/books too) but i can spend 4 hours a night gaming if i want to.  that will be on my playstation.

Frog Fractions is a really loved game that I hear people talk about a lot but it's very meta. Like I think it's hidden inside another game and not sold on its own.

Soda drinker pro was a game I thought was also a meta game like the others, but looking at reviews it might actually just be about drinking soda. Huh.

Never played any of them. Doki doki lit club might be more worth your time.
heard about that.  it's currently wishlisted in both steam and playstation.   more likely to play on steamdeck tbh but i have a lot of games already from the steam sale.  probably a 1 year backlog if i just play everything i already bought.

also, i ordered an SD card.  want to get emulation working.  i could probably spent a year just replaying the R&C games if i can get those up and running.
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