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Started by Legend, Feb 29, 2024, 07:24 AM

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Not quite the same thing. But I decided to buy this.


That's pretty cool. I like companion books like that. I have a few Avatar ones and I'd like more in general.


This is a cool book.
Spoiler for Hidden:
<br><img src="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/863088098530557962/1230140752307294218/IMG_20240417_075846070.jpg?ex=66323cda&amp;is=661fc7da&amp;hm=d0c6bee68c3aa036e7ea07bcd79f234a6b1db515b2683858cf548689bf29ac36&amp;=" alt="" class="bbc_img"><br><br>Comes in this cool box/sleeve: <br><img src="https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/863088098530557962/1230140752667873382/IMG_20240416_200628892.jpg?ex=66323cda&amp;is=661fc7da&amp;hm=3b362b49da9fd1e45cf3f0d6d22235fb45ead79f00892ff662c62471aa574766&amp;=" alt="" class="bbc_img"><br><br>


A bit past the halfway point with the 3rd book in this series, the arrows of time.

Better than the second and has the potential to be better than the first. The big rotational physics consequence I expected to be explored in the second book is instead happening here, more or less.

Spoiler for Hidden:
<br>They are in space and they see another object that is about the same size as their rocket. I thought that object would actually be their rocket from the future, just now traveling backwards in time relative to them. I was really excited but it just ended up being an asteroid apparently.<br><br>This book however has them land on a planet that is going backwards through time. They step on the ground and &quot;absorb&quot; footprints for example. Will be interesting to see how it all works out. So far it has avoided time travel tropes which is great but I&#39;ll be bummed if the handwaved away details go unexplored.<br>


I finished the 3rd book. Really great! And the flaw I noticed in their plan from the first book was addressed.

Only minor complaints with some of the characters and plot devices.

So when will it get made into a movie/tv show?



Watch this trailer for the first book. Your heart will be racing!


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btw this is the youtube video that inspired me to make this thread and buy a book.

I wonder which Greg Egan book I'll read next.

edt: I mostly love hard sci fi just because it tends to make something more original and engaging. Having more equations or being harder to follow doesn't make it harder sci fi imo.

Instead it's hard sci fi when the book deals with the consequences and restrictions of real life. I wouldn't say the Martian is less hard sci fi just since it deals with a smaller story or spends less time convincing the reader that things really work this way.

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