Twitter now owned by Elon Musk

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Started by the-pi-guy, Apr 04, 2022, 02:31 PM

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I doubt that's the issue. Why would a background check matter? Plus with Musk being so famous, I doubt a background check could find anything that journalists haven't already found.
It is odd.
But it sounded like it was only contingent on the background check and an acceptance.

"We announced on Tuesday that Elon would be appointed to the board contingent on a background check and formal acceptance. Elon's appointment to the board became officially effective 4/9, but Elon shared that same morning that he will no longer be joining the board. I believe this is for the best. We have and will always value input from our shareholders, whether they are on our board or not. Elon is our biggest shareholder and we will remain open to his input," the statement also said.
Elon Musk abruptly reverses plan to join Twitter board amid "background check"  |