Halo Infinite |OT| Negative Infinity, I don't like it

Started by Legend, Oct 25, 2021, 03:17 PM

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Have you played it?

Also it's interesting seeing opinions online. There is a pretty strong consensus that the gunplay and acting are good while the story and repetitiveness are bad. Depending on how people personally value things, they'll of course give the game a different overall rating.

There are two main defenses though and they are very amusing. Some people defend the game's issues by saying the first Halo had the same issues. First off of course standards have changed in 20 years. Secondly, it's not even true. Halo Combat Evolved has more unique content than Infinite. Combat Evolved even has a small open world section on an island.

The other defense is that this game is just the foundation for future dlc/sequels and expecting it to be great is asking too much. I get that kinda, they really screwed themselves over hyping this as the biggest Halo ever, but imo 343 should have pulled a ground zeroes and built it that way. Sell it for $30 and remove all the padding so it's a ~3 hour game, and then be open that it's just a primer.

I'm pretty frustrated with the fanboys because a sequel with the correct improvements could be all around amazing, but I fear this will just push 343's execs to say "this is fine" and the next decade of Halo will be a repetitive grind.
Not yet.  This is my week of crunching a bit and getting a good bit done on some stuff.  Then i'm taking all next week off and doing nothing but playing games. heh


I heard the game cost $500m, and that gamepass can sustain a $500m game.  
I really hope this game didn't cost anything near that much. Iterating to discover what you want is a huge part of game development but the final product is something a smaller team could replicate in Unreal.

If the opening cutscene and first mission are excluded, it's a relatively microscopic amount of work. Like I skimmed through this video to see some things again and it's shocking. I need someone to break open the pc version to get detailed asset counts because this feels like the smallest AAA game I've ever played. NPC dialogue is one of the only non gunplay elements that felt far beyond minimum viable product.

Not yet.  This is my week of crunching a bit and getting a good bit done on some stuff.  Then i'm taking all next week off and doing nothing but playing games. heh
I look forward to your impressions. This is the most torn I've been on a game in a long time. I loved playing it and in isolation most moments are amazing imo, but it's just the same exact thing repeating over and over and over. As a cohesive whole I legit hate it even though I'm tempted to jump back in lol.


Multiplayer lead at 343 is leaving. Never played infinite's multiplayer but outside of glitches and monetization and progression I think people like it a lot.


What video games received negative reappraisals and/or have been condemned by history? : Games

I'm not sure if this is a Halo Infinite parody post since it has stuff like:
"Everything builds. Everything matters. Why are there three buttons? Because that's been a theme for Halo the entire time. It's the same as the Pillar of Autumn. It's a throwback. It's nostalgic."

If it's honest though then it's cool that the story resonated with some people. I could certainly see the general opinion of Infinite improving once all its major faults are old news.

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