Something I hate about sci-fi/fantasy novels

Started by BananaKing, Dec 05, 2021, 11:00 PM

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The crazy amount of these books that have kids as a protagonist. Honestly at some point it seems like a borderline fetish.

Dune, enders game, mistborn trilogy, steelheart, the name of the wind, a fire upon the deep. I read the first part of the dark tower and also it was about a little boy. I started reading another book called Prince of thorns the other day.. alas it was another fudgy kid as the protagonist. Then I started reading another book by my favourite author, branden sanderson, called skyward... and its another kid.

Whats up with the sci-fi and fantasy genre focusing so much on protagonist who are sub 18.


I'd guess demographics play a factor.  
A lot of scifi readers are likely male teens, and i am sure there are some older men that like to think back to being younger.

And I'm sure there's a factor of being young and the wonder of scifi discovery.  


And I'm sure there's a factor of being young and the wonder of scifi discovery.  
That makes sense. Most of these stories need an outsider and kids help with that.

Also aren't most of these books specifically young adult? The Culture series for example doesn't suffer from this trope.


do you have kids?

I didn't really notice it in myself when I was a kid but I can really see it in my kids.  it's really important for them to see themselves in the media they consume.  

my kid for whatever reason became best friends with the only black kid in his grade.  when schools locked down we "bubbled" with him and we ran school for both kids out of my house.  

I watched George Floyd through his eyes.  I watch miles morales and black panther through his eyes.  

there may have been a time when I discounted the effect representation in our media has on a child but never again.  kids learn by example.  seeing themselves and how they are protayed is incredibly important. 

Harry Potter would never had been so big if it wasn't a kid as the protagonist.  it's was necessary for kids to see themselves as the hero.  to be able too relate to their own hero fantasies.