A mysterious puzzle driven campaign

A tactical and competitive multiplayer

      VE: Adventure is a puzzle platformer where you discover the intricacies of a mysterious world.

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Adventure Features
  • Thousands of puzzles with no filler. Every one is unique and has a unique purpose in the game.
  • Open world structure lets players progress and reach the ending without solving every mystery. After the ending players can continue exploring for 100% completion.
  • The lore and history of the game world are incredibly deep. The "creatures" in the game speak a fully developed language that's scientifically accurate and has tens of thousands of words.
  • Some optional puzzles are incredibly hard. Even with players collaborating together online, VizionEck will still have unsolved mysteries years after release.
  • With the game's simple art-style there is no clutter. Everything is important to understanding the situation.
  • All puzzles exist fully within the lore of the game world. No glitching the camera or viewing audio spectrograms needed.