The Basics

VizionEck is a competitive shooter with the goal of staying alive and destroying enemies, usually.

In contrast to the visuals, no gameplay aspects are black and white. Every situation can be approached in multiple ways with no inherently bad choices.

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Each player is a "Ranger," a remote controlled robotic cube designed for combat. To aid in their battles, the Ranger's are equipped with a "Charge Block". This secondary cube materializes above the Ranger's body and acts as it's primary form of offense and defense.

Advanced gameplay details are located on the Wiki page.


Gameplay in VizionEck is truly volumetric. A standoff can occur at any area of the map: floors, walls, ceilings, even the very air itself. This is the next evolution of verticality in game design. 

An integral part of this vertical combat is jumping. In VizionEck, mobility is key to prevailing in fire fights. In addition, it expands gameplay to new areas of the map and allows for many strategic positions. A Ranger's number of air jumps increases as they collect power-ups from fallen players. Once obtained, the power-up counts for the duration of the match.

Another useful tactic in VizionEck is the "down jump." When in air, players can down jump to speed up their descent.  This benefits the player by quickly lowering their relative position, therefore assisting with both offense and defense. Just like a regular air jump, the down jump runs off of power-ups.


In VizionEck, surfaces create a variety of platforming effects depending on their outline color.

WHITE- normal surface. When a player lands on a white outlined surface, it refills their jump count.

GREEN- sends players up. Green ceilings are hung from, green floors act as bounce pads, and green walls lift a player up. Like a surface outlined in white, the green outlined surfaces also refill a player's jump count.

RED- stops all jumping. Red empties a Ranger's jump count until they can reach a green or white outlined surface.

BLUE- rotates gravity. By touching an outlined blue surface, a player's orientation is warped. By jumping onto a wall, the wall becomes the floor, and by jumping at a ceiling, the ranger will pass through. A blue floor has no effects. It will neither warp orientation or refill jumps. Blue surfaces appear different than all others; they are fully transparent apart from their outline.

Charge Blocks

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Every player's weapon is the Charge Block. This block is a separately attached cube above the Ranger. Throughout VizionEck, four different Charge Blocks are always accessible. However, switching to a new block removes the current one. Each block is designed for different situations and different play-styles.


Large short range burst plus a centralized mid range shot.

Charge Time: Medium

Shield Strength: Super Strong

Damage: Very destructive at a close range. Centralized shot does medium damage.


"Spray and pray" weapon that shoots a continues stream.

Charge Time: Long

Shield Strength: Strong

Damage: Low, but devastating with continued hits.


Projected shot that creates a massive explosion on impact.

Charge Time: Super Long

Shield Strength: Medium

Damage: Super high when in range.


A small shot that shoots backwards. If you miss a Ranger, it comes back and destroys you.

Charge Time: Fastest

Shield Strength: Weakest

Damage: Strong at short distances from the shot's origin point.

First-Person Game, Third-Person Cover Mechanics

Although VizionEck is a first person shooter, it has many similarities with third person games. This includes the exceptional third person cover mechanics most video game players have become accustomed to. In VizionEck, the camera is within the Charge Block and not the Ranger. This means the game is a first person shooter but a player can see their Ranger's entire body. It also means an entire Ranger can fully hide behind waist heigh cover while the controlling player is free to look around and shoot.


VizionEck has an innovative spawning system. The traditional issues with spawn camping have been eliminated by using ground breaking spawn rooms. These rooms are full of inactive Rangers with the same appearance as their active counterparts. When a Ranger is destroyed, the player will transfer control to one of these inactive Rangers in the spawn room. To other players this Ranger is indistinguishable until it begins to move. This gives spawning players a fair advantage over anyone else in the room.


How does team distinction work?

Players see their teammates in a color of their choice, while their enemies remain black and white.

This all sounds really complex. What's the level of entry?

VizionEck seems complex because it is different. This is the first game of its kind so most concepts need to be explained in detail. However, when it comes to playing, gameplay comes naturally. A first time player will be able to quickly enjoy VizionEck.

Is there friendly fire?

Friendly fire is enabled by default. However, friendly fire is not necessarily a bad thing in VizionEck. For example, you can look down and purposely shoot yourself in order to lower your health and become less visible.

I'm bad at shooters, will I be bad at VizionEck?

You will have to play it to find out!  Many skills from generic FPS games are useful, but due to the new concepts of VizionEck many new skills are also needed.

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