No Man's Sky "Path Finder" Content Update announced

Started by Legend, Mar 07, 2017, 05:10 PM

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Simple quality of life additions that we need. Things that wouldn't unbalance the game:

1: To set a way point, please make is so we also need to hit 'X' while looking through the visor. I'm really fed up with accidentally setting waypoints when all I want to do is scan creatures or take a look around.

2: Make Rigogen yield 8-10 instead of 4-5. A small adjustment but 'come on now'.

3: Grey out all the upgrades we install instead of removing them from the list. How many times have people deleted an upgrade from a newly bought ship in order to place it better only to find they didn't have it?

4: Give us a gridded menu that we can access anywhere to check what we can build at our base and what ingredients we need to build it.

5: Please let me walk and run a tad faster. I'm not asking for much, just a 'tad'.

6: When crafting in your ship, if you have enough ingredients, simply holding 'X' will continue crafting until you have 5. (10 in your freighter if you can craft there. I haven't tried it, so I don't know).


Bonus. WARNING, flashing lights: 65daysofstatic No Man's Sky live:

Extra, extra Bonus: Is this a bug because it looks purposeful to me and I'd love this to be something that could happen occasionally. This is weird behaviour for NPC ships but just look at what they do and how it all seems programmed. Is this perhaps one of the reasons there are now more options for our weapons? Could it be ramped up in the next update? Note how the ships stop and hang in mid air. The thrusters stop and then they right themselves and move on, as if deliberately animated that way:




dang that is pretty cool.  I hope we start to get more and more creatures that are like that.  And hopefully they can start getting in those big dog dinosaurs from the E3 demo.

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